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"For most small businesses today - SEO is critical to finding new customers. That's why you need to find a partner...not just a volume seller."

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is SEO, exactly?
Broadly speaking, SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of building visibility in the major search engines for the most relevant search queries to what a site offers its visitors.
Technically speaking, SEO is creating the ideal combination of a site's content & navigational structure, its overall visibility & popularity across the web, and its measurable engagement with its users - so that it ranks highly for popular/high-intent keywords frequently searched by prospective customers..
2. What is organic traffic?
Organic traffic refers to any visitors your website receives from "passive" sources that aren't paid promotions. Organic search traffic includes any visitor who finds your site on a search engine (like Google.com), but not including any traffic from pay-per-click advertisements (such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads).
3. What is a keyword?
A keyword is simply a search query that your ideal visitors commonly search for in the major search engines. As an example, if your site sells shoes, some relevant keywords might be "running shoes", "jogging shoes", "best shoes for hiking"... and so on.
4. What does it take, in simple terms, to rank a website for its target keywords in the organic search listings?
here's actually thousands of different variables that will impact how well a site will rank for keywords that it's "targeting". These are known as ranking signals.
However, of all those thousands of variables, there are three primary signals that will generally have the largest impact on a site's rankings (specifically with Google.com):
a) Relevance to the Keyword: This includes the site's titles, content, internal linking and overall structure (which should naturally emphasize target keywords).
b) Relative Authority: The major search engines assume that important, useful sites will be mentioned and linked to from a variety of other sites & social influencers around the web - most importantly, established sites / people in the same overall industry.
In general, the more popular a site seems to be around the web and especially in its own market - the more highly it will rank for the keywords its onsite factors are targeting (content, titles, theme, etc).
This authority is nearly impossible to "fabricate", and is generally hard-won through legitimate publicity, and from the natural impact of having great content worth sharing / referencing.
c) Engagement: The major search engines (Google in particular) are keenly interested in how its searchers are responding to any given set of results for a search query.
They look at click-through-rates (how often one listing is clicked vs. another), the "bounce rate" of each listing in comparison to other sites (how often users click "back" after visiting a site), as well as many other related factors to determine how useful and relevant a site actually is to the people visiting it.
This is why it's important that your site is truly relevant and useful to your prospects. It's not just a marketing best-practice... it makes a real and tangible difference in how your site will rank for the long-term.
There's many other factors that are nearly as important to how visible a site will be in the search engines - but our experience in ranking thousands of sites over the years has shown that these factors are the "big ones".
5. How much does it cost to rank a website?
Anyone who's offering a "one-size-fits-all" price to rank a website simply isn't being honest with their customers.
The reality is that SEO is an elastic playing field, and the difficulty of ranking for any given keyword will entirely depend on the number of other businesses actively competing for the same spot on page 1.
A keyword with only a handful of active competitors will be very affordable to rank for. And similarly, a keyword with hundreds or thousands of active competitors will be very challenging to rank for, and the investment involved (time, money, effort) may be substantial.
Remember, the search engines look at the comparative authority of each contending site. So if your competitors are spending more money on publicity than you are - chances are, they're outranking you as well.
The cost of "getting ranked" entirely depends on how much promotion the sites that currently rank well have gotten, and how much they're continuing to receive.
Furthermore - the real question here isn't how much SEO costs. That entirely varies by keyword, and it's not the SEO companies that set these prices - it's the cost of promotions multiplied by how much promotion you need to build more authority than your existing competitors.
The real question is how much additional revenue is on the table once you rank well for a given keyword. After determining that (which we can help with), it's just a matter of simple math.
If the costs involved in ranking are dwarfed by your additional profits - then it's a simple decision.
6. Doesn't it make sense to go with the cheapest SEO provider?
If you haven't already, please read the response to the previous question (#5), which explains why SEO isn't a static commodity. The cost for ranking a website entirely depends on the competition level of any given keyword.
So with that in mind, you should be wary of any company that doesn't provide a pricing quote specific to your site, your industry and your keyword targets. Just because someone has "cheap prices" and makes big promises - doesn't mean they can actually deliver the only thing that matters:
Now, by all means, if there's a specialist out there who can truly drive consistent, profitable SEO results for peanuts - then it obviously makes sense to use them. But, as I'm sure many people reading this have already discovered for themselves... that just simply doesn't exist. (And in rare cases where it does - the results are temporary and fleeting).
Remember that there's no shortcuts when it comes to building authority for your site - one of the key ranking factors. Yes, there's ways to build authority at scale, and ways to efficiently amplify and focus your online authority signals - which we can go over with you - but fundamentally, you'll need real-life promotions and real-life online presence.
And that takes real-life resources - regardless of a company's promises or prices.
Think of each keyword as a race track. It's not the race track itself that determines the kind of car you'll need to win... it's who you're racing against!
So if you can buy a "cheap car" and win your race - then great. But if you're competitors show up in Porsches, then you might need to re-think your strategy.
7. Why should I trust RankingPartners?
RankingPartners is a subsidiary of PosiRank, LLC - the foremost wholesale SEO platform, used by thousands of agencies and search marketing professionals across the world.
To-date, we've successfully completed over 60,000+ SEO promotions for our partnered agencies (and their clients). We've worked with every type of client imaginable - from local brick&mortar shops with a 5-page website to Fortune 500 franchises with 1,600 unique retailer sites that all need optimization - and everything else in between.
You might say that we have some experience when it comes to driving results with organic search :-)
8. Why is a customized approach important for long-term SEO results
First, make sure you read through our answer to question #5 above, which explains why every keyword has its own level of competition - and therefore its own approach and budgeting considerations.
Moreover, everyone's situation will differ.
Do you have an existing website that's already a few years old? Then its existing "link profile" will need to be reviewed (and some actions may be required before a new campaign can begin) - same with its onsite factors and content structure.
Do you have a brand-new site that has yet to be promoted? Then we need to cautiously build an initial foundation of promotion, and carefully strategize a rollout schedule to satisfy the key criteria that determine how "trustworthy" the search engines will view the site in its index.
Are you trying to target a competitive market? Then we need to carefully choose our initial keyword targets to ensure your campaign can reach profitability as soon as possible, and realistically scale promotions over time to eventually go after "the big keywords".
And so on - these are just a few different examples of why a custom-tailored approach to SEO is not only smart - it's essential.
9. So what happens after I submit my quote request?
After submitting your quote request, we'll pair you with one of our SEO experts who specializes in your industry, and who specifically deals with your size of business. This generally happens within 24-72 hours of receiving your request.
Important: All of our in-house search marketing experts are established partners with our wholesale SEO fulfillment company. And we don't just work with anyone - these are specialists who are directly responsible for driving more than 5,300+ first-page rankings by working with us to successfully promote their clients.
Anyway - after you've been paired, you'll receive a detailed strategy assessment & quote from that expert (at no cost - even though this would regularly be valued at $495!), and at that point you can decide whether or not SEO seems like the best marketing channel to focus on.
(This assessment/quote process generally takes a day or two to prepare, as your expert will need to dig into your existing online presence, evaluate your existing competitors, and research the most viable prospective keyword targets & SEO strategies to set up a campaign that's profitable in the shortest time possible).
Once we've together established that an SEO campaign will almost certainly drive results at a profit within a reasonable time period - then you're ready to move forward with the initial phases of your campaign, which will be different for every website.
And lastly, as the campaign moves into full-steam ahead - you'll receive regular, transparent reporting, as well as ongoing strategic support, every
step of the way. If we encounter any hiccups or challenges, then we'll deal with them head-on, and work through it together.
SEO isn't a push-button "event". It's an ongoing promotional campaign that keeps the customers flowing in. And you need an expert on your side, who's always there to defend your rankings, look for new traffic avenues - and in general, ensure that your strongest sales channel (organic search) stays strong.
So when we call this service "Ranking Partners" - we're being serious. It truly is a partnership.
10. Is this right for my business?
For most business models & industries, SEO is honestly a no-brainer. Across most markets, it's the highest-ROI traffic source, and it's essential for complementing other traffic sources (like social, paid traffic, etc.) as well, since the first thing people will do when they discover your business is search your brand, or search for reviews.
It's therefore very important to have a solid organic presence - as it's a crucial part of various stages of your customer funnel (not just "being found".)
However, if your business has very low profit margins, deals in an unproven or untested industry (new inventions, no competition, etc.), or has other similar barriers - then it might be less viable.
Again - the only way to truly determine if SEO is going to drive measurable results for your business is to get a detailed, realistic strategy assessment from a search marketing expert in your industry.
So why not submit your quote request today, and get a definitive answer on exactly what it would take to drive results for your business - along with some high-level SEO insights specific to your market?
For the cost of a 40-second form submission, it could very well put your business "on the map"...

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Ranking Partners - Organic SEO

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