Privacy Policy:

Collected Information - Voluntary:, of PosiRank, LLC (from this point on referred to as "PosiRank") does not collect or obtain any personal or contact information about its users without their express, prior permission.
SEO Quote Requests:
The data collected by our SEO quote request form(s) is both stored by PosiRank in its own database, as well as distributed to PosiRank's channel partners (agency customers that use the PosiRank platform) who match our criteria as search marketing professionals for the area in which a user has requested help in gaining search visibility.
PosiRank does sell this information - which is voluntarily submitted by users of - to its cooperating channel partners (acting as advertisers) who can potentially assist the user in accomplishing their marketing objectives.
Newsletter Information:
When users initiate the SEO quote request function, they are also simultaneously subscribed to the PosiRank newsletter, and this is clearly disclosed on the initial Quote Request form as a link titled "Newsletter Information".
PosiRank uses a reputable, CAN-SPAM compliant newsletter management service. PosiRank only sends email communications to users who specifically request information about search engine marketing, and/or request for SEO professionals to contact them regarding their website.
If a subscribed user wishes to unsubscribe from the newsletter for any reason, he or she may do so instantly by following the automated unsubscribe link, located in the footer of every newsletter mailing. In addition, the user may email us at, or by mail at:
PosiRank, LLC
PO Box 475
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
United States
The user-submitted data collected by our newsletter system (name and email) will be used for marketing purposes related to topics on search marketing, internet marketing or similarly relevant content.
Collected Information - Involuntary:
Involuntary Data Collection On Visiting
The only information collected involuntarily from all visitors is basic geographic, referral, on-site navigation patterns and IP information for the purpose of tracking our website traffic statistics, and using retargeted online advertising in accordance with industry best practices.
Specifically, we use this non-personally-identifying data in order to improve our website & user experience, as well as measuring the effectiveness of our advertising & marketing efforts.
Data is not evaluated on a "user by user" basis, but rather in the aggregate on a mass scale. We look at the overall patterns based on the statistical information collected from thousands of visitors.
The data is collected (and stored) by our preferred & reputable traffic analysis service, Google Analytics. The data is stored securely and is not publicly available. Only PosiRank (ownership & staff) can access this statistical data, without exception.
This data is collected through the use of a simple javascript script on each page of, and does not interfere with or affect the user's internet browsing program whatsoever.
With respect to retargeting, uses browser cookies and tracking pixels in order to serve dynamic ads to its existing and previous visitors. Cookies are small data files that are served by our platform and stored on your device. Our site uses cookies dropped by us or third parties for a variety of purposes including to operate and personalize the website. Also, cookies may also be used to track how you use the site to target ads to you on other websites.
This data may also be used by third parties in connection with our contracted advertising platform(s) and their partners.
To opt-out of remarketing / retargeting, you have the following options:
* Clear your browser's cookies by following the tutorial at:
* Visit the DAA's advertising choices tool at:
* Visit the NAI's advertising choices tool at:
* For European-specific controls, visit the EDAA's ad choices tool at:
PosiRank does NOT use spyware, adware, viruses, trojans or otherwise any invasive, involuntary methods to unethically increase incoming traffic, or otherwise for any other purpose.
If you have any concerns, or need any assistance in managing your ad choices, subscription/notification settings, or otherwise have questions about our privacy policy, please email us at